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Inner Child

Inner Child

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The adult world can weigh us down with worries and responsibilities, It can be easy to forget how to momentarily let go and experience wonder.  Engaging in play and letting go from time to time is importatnt for both our mental and spiritual health. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that there still is magic in simple experiences, even if those experiences are squeezed inbetween responding to emails and paying bills.

Our uplifting lemon verbena & thyme scented Inner Child candle was created with the intention of getting some sun on your face, fresh soil under your feet,  and opening your heart to wonder and joy. 

As with all of our pours, the area was cleansed with sage and palo santo prior to creating, vessels were wiped down with Florida water, some good music was put on, and a few little fairy figurines were set out as a fun good measure. 


    Sunflower petals: Sunflowers are phototropic plants, meaning they literally move to follow the sun, it's no wonder they are associated with the sun, loyalty, joy, happiness, good fortune & luck  

    Thyme: derived from the Greek word "thūmós meaning spirit thyme was used to 'cure' shyness in the middle ages, provide protection & courage. Attract fairies - they love thyme

    Citrine: Joy, abundance, transmutation, enthusiasm, promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression

    Rose Quartz: Universal love, deep inner healing, feelings of peace, harmony on relationships, self-love and friendship.

    Peridot: Compassion, opening the heart, attracting abundance, family harmony, good luck, balances emotions & calms anger, eradicates nightmares

    Selenite: Associated with the moon, crown and third eye chakras, vibrates at a very high frequence, purifies , protects, provides mental clarity & tranquility




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