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Gaia's Garden

Gaia's Garden

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We love spring and were very excited to create this special canlde for you.  Poured on the Spring Equinox this petal and herb scented candle is intended to welcome in fresh new energy, love, abundance, & joy to celebrate the Earth stirring from it's winter slumber.  

As with all our pours, prior to beginning our work the space is cleared with sage and palo santo and all vessels are wiped down with Florida water.  And of course we put some good mood music on and have fun during the process because creating is a joyful experience 


    White rose: Homage to new starts, expresses hope for the future, purity, innocence, youthfulness. It is associated with feminine energy, the moon, Venus, and Aphrodite.

    Moss: Luck, money, & protection. It is associated with the element of Earth 

    Fern: Symbolizes eternal youth, life & new beginnings, good luck especially for new lovers, element of Earth.

    Citrine: Joy, abundance, transmutation, enthusiasm, promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression

    Clear Quartz: Master healer, amplifies energy, thought & the energy of surrounding crystals, enhances psychic abilities & aids concentration. 

    Rose Quartz: Universal love, deep inner healing, feelings of peace, harmony on relationships, self-love and friendship. 

    Peridot: Compassion, opening the heart, attracting abundance, family harmony, good luck, balances emotions & calms anger, eradicates nightmares

    Aventurine: Promotes compassion & empathy, perseverance, leadership, decisiveness, good all-around healer  

    Selenite: Associated with the moon, crown and third eye chakras, vibrates at a very high frequence, purifies , protects, provides mental clarity & tranquility 


    Due to the nature of this product there are no returns or exchanges 


    Products are shipped via USPS insured priorty mail with tracking. Orders will be processed and shipped within one workweek (M-F excluding federal holidays) from the date of purchase.  

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