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Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

SKU: 364115376135191

Pear and honey scented. Packed full of intention! 

Pears across cultures are associtated with the female form, fertility and abundace. Honey is sweet, healing, and is created by the all female team that are a producing behive.  This candle contains amethyst to calm for work with intuition and spirital healing; Rose quartz for heart chakra work. Rose quartz courages expressions of love and compassion for self and others. Green aventurine is another heart chakra activator that is associated with spring and summer- seasons of joy and abundance. It is also assocted with primal forgiveness. Clear quartz to purify, heal and strengthen emotional and psychic resilience. Selenite to represent spiritual purity and connection to angelic realms. It's name it derived from the Greek moon Goddess Selene and is heavily associated with the monn and crown chakra. This beautiful candle also contains moss and white mini rose petals.  Moss is associted with the Fae and the Cardinal direction North. White rose petals are associated with love and purity. 

This candle is full of the softer aspects of the divine feminine; the mother, lover and keeper of the garden.


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